Get answers by respondents on a specific bot

Sometimes, you will need to get the answers of the current respondant in order to show him the next question, calculate a score or do anything with his answers in you backoffice. To do so:


The answer will look like this :

  "surveyID": "d2751ef2402337c02af8392ceefb4873c5e7eb57e3a25788",
  "firstTime": 1489603009007,
  "lastTime": 1489603704419,
  "currentQuestionIndex": 0,
  "completedSurvey": false,
  "authData": null,
  "answers": [
      "questionIndex": 0,
      "questionID": "438421403",
      "questionType": "api",
      "question": "Vatican ?",
      "response": [
        "São Tomé",
      "timestamp": 1489603703211
  "reminderSent": false,
  "tempAPIquestionValue": "Belize ?"

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