I want to know who received my messages

Need to create a endpoint to get all the information about the user who answer a specific surveyid

apiworker /getReceivers

POST /api/task/getReceivers

Data should be the same as for the task creation.

    "task" : {
          "respondents" : ["1276358755731356"]  
        "overrideBool": true,
        "newActiveStatus": true,
        "title": "Titre de la tache pour botchimp"


    "receiverID": "1276358755731356",
    "facebookUserData": {
      "first_name": "Benoit",
      "last_name": "Guiv",
      "profile_pic": "",
      "locale": "en_US",
      "timezone": -4,
      "gender": "male"

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