AI bot

Your AI bot can work on all of your chatbots.

Create your application

NLP on works with Microsoft's NLP tool,

Create an account or login, create an app and start building your app.

Once your app is built, train it, publish it and copy the endpoint. Here is an example:

User guide can be found here :

Create your AI bot on Vizir

  • Create a new bot
  • Add an AI question
  • Paste the API endpoint of your app
  • Add a new answer for each intent / entity couple you have on your app

Then you have 2 options:

  • the bot has to answer with a simple message
  • the bot has to redirect to a specific bot

Simple message

Add a new question (any kind). Then for each intent / entity couple on your first AI question, insert the goToPage number (number of the slide the bot has to redirect)

Specific bot

You will need to follow the goToSurvey process through Studio 3T (see how to here)

Set up the AI generic

If your AI bot has more than one AI question (if it contains simple messages), you will need to activate the AI generic question.

Follow the how to here

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