Connect a bot to a workplace bot

1°) You need to have a premium account

2°) Go Manage integration
3°) Choose Custom integrations

4°) Create a new one5°) Choose the name and click save

6°) Grant permission to the bot

  1. Permission to send messages
  2. Configure the webhook for the page

Here is the callback URL

And the token is


  1. Configure the webhook for the user

The callback URL and token are the same than for the previous step

7°) Connect the app to you bot on vizir's dashboard

  1. Get the pageID of the page we just created
  2. Get the access_token of the app we juste create
  3. Go To vizir dashboard and create connect the app to the workplace page/bot

  4. Get the pageID of the page we juste created

Look for the page you just created by typing its name in the search bar. Click on the pageThe pageID is in the URL of the page: (keep it in a safe place)

For exemple here: the pageID is: 132137237443942

2.Get the access_token of the app we just created (Keep it in a safe place)

Edit your custom integrationThen click on create an access Token. Copy the value.3. Go to vizir dashboard

Connect to your app, go in the paramètres > Partager tab.

Click on Editer for workplace

Edit the value, the first one is the appID, the second one the access_token. Click on Connect.

Go to you page and start a discussion with it. You should start with USER_START by now as you don't have any intelligence and/or burger menu set.

Attention: Be sure to have a intro feature valid, otherwise the bot won't respond.

That's it you've just created a bot on workplace

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