Step 2 - prepare your tools

Here are the tools you will need:

  • A Vizir bot account (create an account through
  • Always edit from our development editor :
  • Studio 3T: il allows to edit your chatbots" Json files
    • How to connect (@benoit)
    • Find a and edit the json of a bot :
      • double click on the "survey" library
      • get your surveyID
      • type the following request : {"json.surveyid":"XXXXXXX";}
      • open the element
      • right-click, edit json
  • Postman: useful if you are using APIs and if you want to add some bonuses to your Facebook Messenger bot (menu, intro)
  • Chrome: please always work on Chrome (please report any bugs on other browser, with the console error included)
  • Create a account

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