Facebook Messenger

Follow these steps to install your bot on your Facebook Messenger page.

You absolutely need to be admin of a Facebook Page.

  • get your intro bot surveyID on your Vizir dashboard
  • go to botchimp.herokuapp.com
  • login with Facebook (you need to be admin of a page)
  • add a new list
  • connect to your page
  • click on settings
  • add this: &vizir_survey=true in the URL. Here's an example of the final URL you should get: https://botchimp.herokuapp.com/#/dashboard/settings/160970277792747?s=welcome&vizir_survey=true
  • It unlocks the SurveyID input field on the top of your card

  • Paste your intro bot surveyID here

  • Save

  • Next step

  • It might do nothing on the front, but it should work. To test is, go to your Facebook page, add a button (bot button) and start talking to it. The bot should be live.

  • If not, repeat the previous steps (save / next / ...) until it works.

  • If it still doesn't work, contact thomas@vizir.co

Useful stuff to test your bot

If you are working on your bot, you may want to check your latest updates.

To reboot your bot, type => USER_START at any time (in capitals, or it wont work).

Facebook bots bonuses

There are 2 things you still cannot edit in Vizir:

Promoting your Facebook Messenger bot

Facebook provides you with a unique Messenger URL.

To get your Messenger URL, just replace facebook.com by m.me in your Facebook Page URL.

So if your Facebook Page URL is: https://www.facebook.com/techcrunch

Then your Messenger URL is: https://m.me/techcrunch

NEVER USE THIS URL: https://www.messenger.com/t/techcrunch (as it does not redirect to the Messenger app when opened on Facebook mobile app)

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