To Targeted audience

We will provide a SDK to allow admin to add properties to each respondent data.

Here is the way we are storing the data

    "attribute": {
    "tag": {
            "Nike", "Adidas"
    "event": {

I want to be able to send message according to attribute:

"attribute" is || is not || XXX

When a new task will be created I will add some information relative to the tag, event and attribute.

       {"filter":"attribute", "name":"first_name", "type": "string"}
    "respondents" : ["userID"],
    "answeredQuestions" : [
            "question":"Question Value",
            "answer":"answer value"
    "surveysTaken" : [ ],
            "operator": "=",
            "value": "John"
            "value":["Nike", "Puma"]
    "event": {


Details for the tag filter

Tag permet de stocker des listes pour un user à la manières de tag sur des sites de e-commerce.

Operator Meaning
OR Contains any of "$value"
AND Contains all of "$value"
NOR Does not contains some of "$value"
NAND Does not contains all of "$value"

Details for the event filter

Event permet de stocker les derniers événements. d'incrémenter des variables, ...

< is less than (or anterior to if date) "$value"
= is equal to "$value"
> is greater than "$value"

Details for the attribute filter

Attribute est une variable qui est censée est figé pour l'utilisateur.

= Equal to
<> Different of
> > to (only for number)
< < to (only for number)
isDefined is defined
isNotDefined is not defined

I will create the front in order to create this new kind of task.

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